Do you want to know how to make these absolutely delightful pumpkin keto pancakes? Well then, you’ve come to the right place.

I have this wonderful keto pumpkin pancakes no flour recipe and they are just exactly right for either busy or restful fall mornings. Actually, they’re perfect for any time (if you’re a breakfast lover like me!).

I originally made these pumpkin keto pancakes because I wanted some fall vibes early in the morning. I know this makes me sound like a fall nut, and I’m, in all honesty.

There’s just something terribly heartwarming about fall and it makes me all giddy. One morning, I was particularly missing the fall vibes and decided to do something about it.

So I came up with this amazing pumpkin keto pancakes. And aside from the fact that they were so delicious- not to mention, keto friendly- they also succeeded in cheering me up with some fall vibes.

What are you waiting for? Check out the recipe below!

Pumpkin Keto Pancakes Ingredients:

Pumpkin Pancake

Mascarpone Cream Topping

Nush Pancake Mix

I’m sure, like everyone else, you also want to enjoy a hearty pancake breakfast without the guilt. I know it, we all know it.

But is it possible to indulge in a hearty pumpkin keto pancakes breakfast without the accompanying guilt? Well, it sure is now.

I have recently discovered and tried this wonderful product, Nush’s keto pancake mix.

Their mix makes super-healthy pancakes that are just perfect for people who can’t or don’t want to have sugar, which is basically everyone on a diet. It’s also the best addition to this keto pumpkin pancakes no flour recipe.

Nush Pancake Mix is full of quality ingredients that makes it perfect for those looking for a low-carb and sugar-free option. It only has 2 grams of carbs per serving, which means you get to actually feel good about eating breakfast again.

You won’t have to lament, or overthink about the amount of carbs you’re sure to gain from them pancakes.

Best of all, this keto pancake mix is easy to make. All you have to do is add water and oil or butter to the dry mix, and soon you’ll have a delicious pancake breakfast ready.

So if you’ve enjoyed pancakes in the past but had to give them up for your diet and lifestyle choices, Nush pancake mix is perfect for you.

Whether you need something that is diabetic or keto-friendly, or just looking to cut the carbs and sugar, these pancakes will definitely not disappoint.

Nush emphasizes healthy alternatives like flaxseed and coconut oil to ensure that their customers get the same great taste in food without the unwholesome ingredients.

This mic contains flaxseed, egg, coconut flour, erythritol, organic natural flavors, sodium bicarbonate, salt, and monk fruit extract- perfect for the ketogenic diet.

Chocolate And Pumpkin?

This keto pumpkin pancakes no flour recipe makes incredibly flavorful pancakes. It’s also full of my favorite combo: chocolate and pumpkin.

This is probably a little weird to you, but I’ve been playing around with this flavor combo for a while now. It has yielded perfectly awesome results, so you might see more of said combo in my future dessert ideas.

Actually, this combination is not a new one. A lot of people have found that pumpkin and chocolate actually do go together in a very good way.

It’s quite surprising and delectable. I admit that it took me aback, at first. I never quite imagined they would go this well, to be honest. Sure I knew they were compatible, but not this much.

And then there’s Lily’s Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips. It complemented the pumpkin pancake I had made so much since, similar to the Nush pancake mix, Lily’s also had no sugar added.

Plus, it’s made with non-GMO ingredients. It’s also gooey, melty, and perfectly bake-able, not to mention gluten free. It’s one of the best ingredients in this recipe.

Is Hemp Flour Keto?

Hemp flour, which is also known as hemp meal, hemp bran, hemp powder, and hemp cake, is made from raw hemp seeds after cold pressing to extract the hemp seed oil.

The output from the extraction is then cleaned, milled and sifted into hemp flour.

Hemp flour is a completely different product than hemp protein powder and usually about 1/3 of the price.

Hemp flour is an incredibly healthy, fantastically versatile, and surprisingly affordable ingredient, especially if you’re looking for ones that are keto friendly. It’s worth getting to know.

It’s not only nutritionally awesome, versatile and delicious, it’s also inexpensive.

Hemp flour is rich in healthy fats, magnesium, and protein and is also high in vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc.

It’s also gluten-free, low in carbohydrates and completely free from cholesterol. It doesn’t contain any saturated fat and is low in sodium.

There are literally hundreds of recipes that can benefit from hemp flour’s nutritional profile and delicious nutty flavour.

In fact, it can be used in anything from breads to cakes, veggie burgers to meatless meatballs, or fibre rich smoothies.

Hemp flour can also be used as a gluten free additive for thickening sauces. Additionally, it works as an excellent low-carb / keto-friendly alternative to white flour.

For example, adding hemp to a simple gluten-free pizza mix is a great way to add texture and taste while making everyone’s favourite ‘junk food’ staple actually quite healthy.

In fact, with all that extra protein, healthy fats, fatty-acids and a cocktail of vitamins and minerals, I’m pretty sure we can categorize this pizza under healthy food instead of junk food now.

So if you’re asking yourself “Is hemp flour keto?”, now you have your answer. If you want to try making hemp flour keto recipes, you can start by recreating this amazing keto pumpkin pancakes and getting a feel for the texture and flavor for your future recipes.

It’s a good way to learn how to experiment with the best ingredients. With hemp flour in lieu of regular flour, you should be successful enough to want to make your own keto food blog. I know I have.

Share Your Results! 

I hope you enjoy making these pumpkin keto pancakes recipe as much as I did. If you make this recipe, please let me know how it turned out! 

I absolutely love to see your creations! If you happen to make one of the recipes, would really love to see it ! Just use the hashtag #sweetketolife, tag me on @sweetketolife, or just let me know by comment!

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Pumpkin Keto Pancakes

Yaidy Santiago
Pumpkin keto pancakes are the perfect fall breakfast to enjoy a delicious pumpkin during it's season.
Prep Time 15 mins
Cook Time 10 mins
Course Breakfast
Cuisine keto, low carb, sugar free
Servings 6


Pumpkin Pancake

  • 2 cups Nush Pancake Mix
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter melted
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1/2 tsp pumpkin spice
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened chocolate chips

Mascarpone Cream Topping

  • 4 oz mascarpone cheese
  • 2 tbsp powdered monkfruit sweetener
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • sprinkle of pumpkin spice
  • chocolate chips optional
  • sugar free maple syrup optional


Pancake Mix

  • In a large bowl, mix the Nush Pancake Mix, melted butter, water, pumpkin puree, pumpkin spice, and unsweetened chocolate chips until smooth.
  • In a pan on medium-low heat, add butter and scoop your pancakes evenly with lots of space in between each pancake. They’ll grow a good amount.
  • Wait until it bubbles up in the center before flipping. Cook flip side for about a minute and take out immediately.

Mascarpone Cream Topping

  • In a small bowl, whisk mascarpone cheese, powdered monkfruit, and vanilla extract. Scoop it on top of your pancake stack. Sprinkle more chocolate chips, and add sugar free maple syrup. Enjoy!
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Yaidy Santiago

Former collegiate volleyball player that loves to cook and try new healthy recipes. My boyfriend and I follow a strict keto diet and I challenge myself to make delicious low-carb foods that we both enjoy every day!

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